Welcome to Yutika Hospital

Each year, we treat hundreds of in patients and thousands of out patients. We guarantee comprehensive and individualized medical support beyond their specific disciplines.
We search latest treatment methods and apply them according to strict scientific criteria. Patients with complex and multiple health problems travel from all over south India to be treated here.

We provide below treatments.

General Surgery
*Gastro Intestinal *Thyroid Swelling *Breast Lump *Body Swelling *Diabetic Foot *Hernia *Hydrocele *Piles *Fistula *Fissure

Dermatology Services
*Excision *RF&Electrocautery *Cryo Surgery *Chemical Peeling *Vitiligo *P.R.P *Derma Roller *Hair Loss *Bald Head *Laser Hair Removal *Ear Piercing *Psoriasis *Eczema *Mouth Ulcers *Color Improvement *STD/STI

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